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Sany Piston

Simple description:

Liaocheng Yiheng Machinery Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2005,located in Liaocheng City Shandong.Yiheng holds a 8000m2 manufacture,producing and selling concrete pump pipe,concrete pump rubber hose,concrete pump elbows,concrete pump pipe flange (weld on collars),concrete pump clamp coupling,rubber seals,concrete pump reducer pipe,concrete pump cylinders, concrete pump piston,concrete pump wear plate and cutting ring...related spare parts and accessories to construction industry both in China and abroad.

Concrete pumping piston

The piston is used to withstand gas pressure. There are generally two types of rubber piston:1. full set pistons in rubber materials, 2.Split piston in polyurethane material or rubber,contains four sets of two pistons, two guide rings.


Working theory:

When the concrete pump hydraulic pump drives the concrete piston to retract, under the push of the stirring blade, the concrete is poured into the hopper and sucked into the conveying cylinder through the suction port . When the main hydraulic cylinder moves forward, the piston on the concrete conveying cylinder is pushed forward, and the sliding is carried out. The valve is delivered to the Y-tube. Since there are 2sets of main hydraulic cylinder, 2sets of the conveying cylinder and 2sets of the sliding valve, the left and right alternately work, thereby realizing the continuous conveying of concrete. Send concrete to the upper level.

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