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End hose operation notes for concrete pump operators

release time:2018-11-08 09:50:09Source:LiaoCheng Yiheng Machinery Co., Ltd.-- Professional manufacturer of concrete conveying pipe- Concrete Pump Rubber Hose,Concrete Pump PipeHits:1379

Do not stand within the limits specified of the end is forbid to guide the end hose by hand while concrete pump truck pumping. As end hose may swing the worker or spray concrete to injure people;

The danger area for pumping is the area around the end hose, which is twice the length of the end hose; Yiheng end hose standard length is 3 meters, and the diameter of the dangerous area is 6 meters in diameter;

Do not bend the end hose, the end hose cannot be immersed in the concrete,either.


Some area request 4meter end hose. So the dangerous area diameter is 8meter.