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EXCON Bangalore 2019 India 10th/Dec---14th/Dec,2019 Booth#:D56
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EXCON Bangalore 2019 India     10th/Dec---14th/Dec,2019     Booth#:D56

At the Indian EXCON exhibition in December 2019, Liaocheng Yiheng Machinery Equipment once again became a major highlight in the industry with its high-end technical level and high-performance concrete pumping hoses, delivery pipes, and concrete pump accessories. Our exhibits have attracted many local Indian merchants and Middle Eastern attendees to stop ,consult and negotiate. Many buyers have encountered technical difficulties at the construction site. Yiheng professional General Manager offered technical guidance, and process analysis, many customers are highly satisfied and have reached a purchase intention on site.

This is an industry feast and a journey of harvest. We have established business contacts with multiple companies and brought back valuable opinions about the Indian market. We still have a long way to go and will continue to increase product quality, pay attention to market demand, and create more high-quality services for customers and friends in India and Middle Eastern countries.