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Cleaning Ball

Simple description:

Cleaning principle

The cleaning medium pushes the clearing ball forward, and the impulse generated by the leaking fluid around the cleaning ball scouring and pulverizing the scale and the peeling dirt adhering to the pipe wall, and generating a stirring force to discharge and cleaned out.

The sponge cleaning ball can be used for concrete pump truck pipeline cleaning, petroleum pipeline cleaning, natural gas pipeline cleaning, electric heating pipeline cleaning, and concrete pump truck pipeline cleaning.there are many names such as concrete rubber sponge ball

Clean out ball, blowout ball,washout ball, rubber ball. Rubber cube,cylinder,column sponge cleaning...etc

Liaocheng Yiheng Machinery offering all types of Rubber sponge washout balls with high quality and best price. Our Washout balls could be SOFT/ MEDIUM SOFT / HARD. three levels to meets client's use and request.

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