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Concrete hoses
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Concrete hoses, also known as rubber hoses for conveying concrete, refer to rubber hoses used at the end of concrete pump trucks for conveying concrete and slurry under positive and negative pressure at ambient temperatures of -40 ℃ to+80 ℃.

Suitable for end connection during concrete transportation by construction machinery pump trucks, it can flexibly change the pouring position, and can be used for small-scale concrete paving. It can be completed by manually swinging rubber hoses, and has the characteristics of environmental protection, high pressure resistance, high wear resistance, durability, etc.

Hoses are classified into the following types based on their structure and pressure capacity:

Type A: Flexible hose with reinforced layer of curtain fabric; Type B: A hose with a reinforcing layer consisting of a steel wire rope winding layer and a curtain layer; C-type and D-type: Flexible hoses with reinforced layer wrapped with steel wire rope (or steel wire).


The hose is composed of a wear-resistant rubber inner lining layer, a reinforcing layer, and a wear-resistant and weather resistant rubber outer covering layer.