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What are the benefits of connecting with a pump tube
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What are the benefits of connecting with a pump tube? The pump pipe connection method has unique flexibility characteristics, making the pipeline have the ability to resist vibration, shrinkage, and expansion. Compared with welding and flange connections, the stability of the pipeline system is increased, which is more suitable for temperature changes, thereby protecting pipeline valves and reducing the damage of pipeline stress to structural components. Therefore, the regulations stipulate that galvanized pipes, plastic lined steel pipes, steel plastic composite pipes, etc. shall not be connected by welding or flanges, otherwise secondary treatment is required. When selecting pump pipes for peristaltic pumps, users should ensure that the pressure in the system does not exceed the recommended working pressure of the pump pipes. If the pressure is too high, the pump tube will bulge, causing poor fit with the pump head, resulting in rapid wear and failure.

The pump pipe connection is a unique technical advantage of using a groove rolling machine to squeeze out a groove on the outer surface of the connected pipeline without damaging the inner wall structure of the pipeline. The welding slag generated by simultaneous welding and gas cutting inevitably falls into the interior of the pipeline, which can easily cause blockage of pipeline valves and even equipment during use, and also pollute the water quality inside the pipeline. If traditional welding operations are used, many pipes with anti-corrosion coatings on their inner walls will be damaged. Using pump pipe connection technology, only cutting machines, groove rolling machines, and handles for tightening bolts are needed on site, making construction organization convenient.

When the system pressure greatly exceeds the bearing capacity of the pump pipe, it may even cause the pump pipe to crack, spray fluid, and endanger safety. After selecting a type of pipe, ensure that the pressure is maintained within the recommended pressure range by the manufacturer during use. If the system exceeds the maximum working pressure, a simple pressure relief valve or pressure switch can be installed to prevent the accumulation of excessive pressure. The use of welding and flange connections requires complex power cables, cutting equipment, welding machines, oxygen and acetylene cylinders, which brings complexity to the construction organization and also poses risks of electric leakage and fire.