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Concrete pump accessories
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Maintenance and upkeep of concrete pump accessories

Due to the poor working conditions of concrete pumping equipment, the alternating stress and severe vibration of the entire machine during pumping operations may cause loosening of its structural components or cracking of welds. Therefore, the inspection of pumping equipment structural components is particularly important. The main inspection items are as follows:

1) Stability between connectors and supports (between car chassis, pumping unit, water tank, reduction gear, mixing mechanism, and concrete conveying pipe).

2) Reliability of connecting bolts and seals, especially for components subjected to shear and torsion.

3) Check for cracks in the welds on the upper part and support.

4) Check the lubrication status of the pins and bushings for rust, jamming, or wear (possible breakage).

5) The condition of the component (the component may break or break).

6) The clearance caused by excessive wear due to the mutual movement of components.

Loose or cracked structural components, if not detected and repaired in a timely manner, may lead to serious accidents such as damage to the entire machine and even personal injury. Therefore, users must attach great importance to the inspection of structural components.