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Manufacturer's direct sales of concrete pump accessories
Source: | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2021-05-21 | 136 Views | Share:

Many pump truck parts manufacturers promise to sell pump parts directly to manufacturers, eliminating the need for profit exploitation in the middle stage. However, in the later stages of product quality and customer rights protection, they have lost their trace.

How to find a reliable manufacturer of pump truck parts? How to maintain and upkeep pump truck accessories?

For example, the maintenance and upkeep of concrete conveying pipes require instruments such as wall thickness measuring instruments or other wall thickness measuring instruments.

common sense

The conveying pipe is often worn out, and measuring the wall thickness is very important before starting large-scale work. Otherwise, unexpected pipe bursts may affect work and even endanger life.

When the conveying pipe is blocked at the rated pumping pressure, especially when the conveying wall thickness is lower than the minimum required wall thickness, it may explode.

Only use hardwood coconut heads or rubber hammers to strike the conveying pipe. Otherwise, it may cause dents and accelerate wear. Additionally, it may cause internal peeling of the hardened layer of the composite high-strength wear-resistant pipe. When the wear is high, the pipe wall will rupture.