About Us


Leader's speech

Yiheng Company has a long-term vision.
We hope to become a benchmark enterprise in the field of concrete conveying pumps and pipes, injecting long-term vitality into the manufacturing of national machinery.
We are well aware that ethnic manufacturing is the foundation for a country's revitalization and long-term prosperity. So since its establishment, Yiheng Company has been diligent and focused on independent research and development and manufacturing of concrete conveying pump pipes. Ten years of continuous improvement and innovation, providing customers with high-quality and durable qualified products.
In today's increasingly competitive market, we have never slackened and always keep in mind "creating value for customers and providing opportunities for employees".
For products, Yiheng Company guarantees perfect quality through technological innovation and rigorous quality testing.
For customers, Yiheng Company always puts their needs first.
For employees, Yiheng Company adheres to the principle of people-oriented and provides a platform for every employee to realize their self-worth.
For society, Yiheng Company hopes to become an enterprise with a positive impact on society, coexisting and win-win in a good economic environment.
Yiheng Company wins respect through quality.
General Manager: Zhang Zhengbo