About Us


Quality assurance

Yiheng Machinery, as a participant in the standard formulation of the concrete conveying pump and pipe industry, has been focusing on the pump and pipe industry for ten years. It has domestically leading pump and pipe production equipment and has customized production for multiple large construction machinery and equipment enterprises. The product quality is stable and reliable, with a delivery qualification rate of 100%.

High cost performance ratio

On the one hand, Yiheng Machinery continuously improves product quality through continuous technological innovation, advanced production equipment, and rigorous quality testing, gradually leading it to the domestic leading level; On the other hand, Yiheng Machinery continuously optimizes production processes, reduces production costs, maintains price advantages, and creates value for customers through independent innovation and technological transformation.

After-sale service

We firmly believe that product delivery is the true beginning of service. So, since the establishment of Yiheng Machinery's own factory, a professional after-sales service team has been established, and 24-hour after-sales response phone numbers are provided to solve all problems encountered by customers at any time.

Delivery speed

Yiheng products have been successfully applied to multiple different types of mechanical equipment production enterprises, accumulating rich production experience, greatly reducing the workload in the product production and delivery process, effectively shortening the delivery cycle, saving time for customers, and improving efficiency.

Our strengths